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Personalised gifts for girls by Katy Kirkham. Please browse the categories below.

<h3>Girl Bags</h3>

Girl Bags

Gorgeous simple bags to delight any little girl. A prefect size for all those important bits and bobs needed when you head out. Machined embroidered in lots of super designs.
Size: approx 24cm by 17cm

<h3>Girl Blankets</h3>

Girl Blankets

What could be nicer than a special snuggly blanket of your very own. These beautiful soft fleecy blankets come in an assortment of pastel colours. Machined embroidered with lots of scrummy designs.
Size:70cm by 100cm.

<h3>Girl Cushions</h3>

Girl Cushions

Delightful fleecy cushions to match my blankets and little bags. These lovely cushions look fab adorning any bed or favourite chair. Machined embroidered in lots of delicious designs.
Size: approx 31cm by 31cm.

<h3>Girl Doornames</h3>

Girl Doornames

These sweet little calico doornames and framed doornames can be machined embroidered with any name. Our calico doornames come with a wooden dowel for easy hanging.

<h3>Girl Keepsake Boxes</h3>

Girl Keepsake Boxes

A perfect way to keep all of those special treasures safe, these beautiful boxes are machined embroidered.

<h3>Girl Pictures</h3>

Girl Pictures

These delightful pictures are a perfect way to capture any occasion. Beautifully appliqued and machined embroidered using the loveliest of fabrics. They come framed and are available in two sizes:
Large 44cm by 36cm, Small 32cm by 32cm